A good question is: why using TeX.qa instead of topanswers.xyz/tex/ or perhaps codidact.com/tex/?

On TeX.qa,

  • We got stable software with all needed features (maintained with newest Debian/Apache and recent PostgreSQL).

  • It's the software was tested and improved over years on TeXwelt.de and TeXnique.fr and LaTeX.net.br.

  • It's the same look and feel as on StackExchange with similar features.

  • It’s running on a DANTE and TUG supported server, I hope for good teamwork and support with the TeX user groups.

  • It can be supported and promoted massively by existing large partner forums running by same maintainer(s), and galleries and blogs (full list here: partner sites).

  • Other languages easily possible for local communities, such as French, German, Portuguese (now running in 4 languages, in the list above). Italian or Spanish? Possible as well.

  • A public XML export (without personal user data) is set up and can be stored on CTAN weekly. One could generate/refresh a growing PDF book (or tag based books) from the XML via pdfLaTeX and markdown package. Sample export file: zip file.

That site wasn’t intended to compete with TeX.SE or LaTeX.org, the original plan was keeping it as backup for importing the TeX.SE data dump if the venture capital driven site network would fail at some time - and these times look scary now.

The name is not set in stone. We can use LaTeX.org as domain name and keep the pretty large forum below as an archive and base content. Even the software is not set in stone: a question and answer structure can be converted to any good future software solution, such as askbot or question2answer or yes, Codidact or topanwers.xyz if they turn out to be a better choice. At the end, it's simply questions+answers+votes with a good engine.

Actually Askbot is the software I plan to use, since it's currently maintained while OSQA maintainance stopped years ago. I follow the github issues to check for security issues others fix or I fix myself (or exclude features such as authentication via facebook, twitter, google, OpenID, ldap).

For the moment, I consider it as a demo site and copy some of my content that I wrote myself to here, with fictional questions to have some content to play around with the site features. You can do the same if you like. Otherwise it will be my migation test site to Askbot.

Feel free to post answers or comments.

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